Statement of the Russian Communist Workers Party (Bolshevik) on the Russo-Ukrainian war

On the armed phase of the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine

Statement of the Political Council of the Central Committee of the RKRP-CPSU

In our analysis and conclusions in these specific historical conditions, we rely on the analysis already made in the course of the development of the situation, incl. at a conference with the communists of Donbass, Ukraine, Russia in November 2019 in Lugansk.

Once again, returning to the fact of recognition of the republics of Donbass, we note that although it happened late, much later than it should have, but better late than never. The RCWP not only supported this step from the very beginning of the proclamation of these republics, but also demanded that the bourgeois authorities of the Russian Federation take this step as help in confronting the people’s republics of Donbass against fascist aggression by the Kiev Nazis.

Of course, the goals of the military intervention of the Russian Federation by the authorities and Putin are only declared as humanitarian – saving people from the reprisals of the Nazis. In fact, the source of the conflict is the inter-imperialist contradictions between the US, the EU and Russia, in which Ukraine is drawn. The goal of the most powerful US imperialism in the world is to weaken the Russian competitor and expand its influence in the European market space. Why did they purposefully work to pit not only the authorities, but also the peoples of Russia and Ukraine. To this end, imperialism even went so far as to encourage the revival and use for punitive purposes of ordinary fascism of the Bandera model of 1941-45. The imperialists are fulfilling their tasks – the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine has entered a hot phase, and this suits them perfectly. No wonder the heads of the United States and England have already stated that they are not going to participate in the war with their armed forces. Let parts of the once united Soviet people fight among themselves.

By and large, i.e. from class positions, the Russian authorities, as well as the rulers of the US and the EU, do not care deeply about the working people – and Donbass, and Russia, and Ukraine. We have no doubts that the true aims of the Russian state in this war are quite imperialistic – to strengthen the position of imperialist Russia in world market competition. But, since this struggle today to some extent helps the people of Donbass to repulse Bandera fascism, the communists in this part of it do not deny, but allow and support as much as it is waged against fascism in the Donbass and Ukraine. And they categorically oppose the actions of their government, when, under the cover of the fight against fascism, the issues of expansion and strengthening of Russian imperialism and its allies will be resolved.

As long as Russia’s armed intervention helps save people in the Donbass from reprisals by punishers, we will not oppose this goal. In particular, we consider it acceptable if, due to circumstances, it is necessary to use force against the fascist Kiev regime, insofar as this will be in the interests of the working people.

At the same time, of course, the possibility of the military campaign of assistance to the Donbass from Russia, led by the anti-Soviet Putin, developing into a truly completely predatory war, when, under the pretext of helping the Donbass, the Russian authorities begin to resolve their issues, and the troops simply begin to occupy other regions of Ukraine, is not ruled out. We will regard this as a war of conquest, imperialism, and we will not support either one or the other imperialist. In any case, it will not be the masters who die on both sides, but the workers. To die for brothers in the class is worthy. And to die and kill for the interests of the masters is stupid, criminal and unacceptable.

In any case, we firmly reaffirm our common position with the communists of Donbass and Ukraine: to put an end to fratricidal conflicts, to the relapses of fascism, to the threat of a local war escalating into a full-scale world war, is possible only on the path of socialism. The common struggle of the working people against the bourgeoisie of all countries is the main strategic line of our parties.

Proletarians of all countries – unite!

Translated by Red Patriot from the original.